GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids

GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids
Exhaust Cam acutator solenoid

GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids

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GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids 2.0L LNF and 2.4L LE5 Ecotec engines
  • GM OEM Variable Cam Acutator Solenoids
  • Fits the 2.0L Turbo and the Base 2.4L

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This is a brand new factory OEM GM Cam actuator solenoid. These solenoids can be found on the top of the engine, under the plastic cover towards the front of the engine. Why do we sell them? Because we see these fail pretty often causing a P0013 or P0014 code. The P0013 code is for the intake side (drivers side of the engine) and the P0014 is for the exhaust side (passenger side of the engine). The exhaust is the most common of the 2 to fail also. To replace, locate the actuator at the front of the top of the engine and disconnect the single electrical connection. Then remove the single 10mm head bolt and twist and pull the old solenoid actuator from the engine. Then a light coat of oil on the new solenoid helps it slide into the engine. Put the bolt back in and tighten it down, connect the electrical connection and you are ready to go! These are very easy to replace and should not take you more then 10 minutes to change out.

    WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
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    This product has not been submitted for California CARB approval. Off-road use only in California and states adopting California emission standards.

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