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Ecotec Oil Cap by DDMWorks
Another great way to customize your ride! This Oil Cap is one piece, billet aluminum for 2.0L & 2.4L Ecotec.
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DDMWorks ProBeam for Solstice / Sky
This rear brace makes the back end of the Kappa feel more predictable and solid!
Kappa Rear Shock Adjuster Covers, Set of 2
When installing adjustable shocks in the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, you must drill two large holes in the trunk to reach the adjusters. These caps cover those holes cleaning up the look and protecting the inside of the trunk for dirt and water.
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DDMWorks LNF Power Pak for Solstice and Sky
Includes DDMWorks LNF Cold Air intake, DDMWorks Charge tubes, and Trifecta Remote Tune
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Stainless Steel Shift Knob by DDMWorks
Stainless steel shift knob with common M10 x 1.25 thread pattern to fit many vehicles.
Windrestrictor®, Pontiac Solstice
Pontiac Solstice 2006+ Wind Deflector from Windrestrictor®
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DDMWorks Shift Boot for Solstice
Pontiac Solstice shift boot by DDMWorks
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DDMWorks 2.0L Cold Air Intake for Solstice/Sky/Opel GT turbo
DDMWorks cold air intake for the 2.0L Solstice GXP, Sky Redline and Opel GT
Trifecta EZ Flash cable
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DDMWorks Short Throw Shifter
This item is temporarily OUT OF STOCK, Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for ship. The DDMWorks short throw shifter makes the shifts more direct and reduces the throw of the shifter from 4" for stock to an amazing 2.6"!
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Kappa Caps, Trunk/Butress Caps by DDMWorks
These are little billet aluminum caps that cover up the hole in the trunk (buttress) while the top is folded in the trunk
Weathershield® car cover for Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky car cover by Weathershield ®
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Quick cabin canopy! This compact, smart, and durable car cover will protect your interior from the elements when you re on the go.
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DDMWorks Lil' Chromies*
$29.00  $26.50
Solstice/Sky Energy Suspension Bushings for Stock Sway Bars
Solstice/Sky Energy Suspension Bushings for Stock Sway Bars
Oxygen Sensor Extender
PLEASE NOTE: Solo Performance will be closed the week of Aug 9 – Aug 13, 2021 for Summer Holidays. They will resume shipping on Monday Aug 16, 2021.

Oxygen Sensor Extender

Front Big Brake Caliper Piston Seal Kit (Solstice/Sky)
Caliper piston seals for the DDMWorks Front Big Brake kit
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DDMWorks Coil Cover (Ecotec 2.4L & 2.0L)
This LE5/LNF coil pack cover is made of rust resistant aluminium and is available in multiple powder coat colors!
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Center Console with cup holders for Solstice / Sky by DDMWorks
OUT OF STOCK, Approximate 10-12 week wait time. This full replacement piece center console that is a new piece, not a modified original. The new center console is made from several layers of fiberglass and features 2 cup holders and a raised area arm rest. This makes it more comfortable to rest your arm on the console while driving and gives you a place to set your drinks that is a little more convienant.We have tested this on several customers that have stopped by the shop and have found that it fits with all of the body types that have sat with it in the car.Is it going to drop your quarter mile times? probably not, but at least you can have a nice drink after you are done running.
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Silicone Coolant Kit for Solstice / Sky by DDMWorks
Our high temp reinforced silicone coolant hose kit is direct fit for 2.0L 2007+ Pontiac Solstice GXP, Saturn Sky Redline,Opel GT and also fits 2.4L 2006+ Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky (these models will not use the Turbo waterline return).
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Silicone LNF Intercooler couplers for Solstice / Sky by DDMWorks
Silicone connectors sized perfectly to make the proper connections to intercooler, no need to modify or reuse your old ones!
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DDMWorks Billet Oil Filter Remote
Ecotec Oil filter remote
Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
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DDMWorks Front Big Brake Kit for Solstice / Sky
The DDMWorks Big Brake Upgrade with Wilwood calipers give much better stopping power to the Pontiac Solstice Saturn Sky and Opel GT
Solstice/Sky ARP Wheel Studs
ARP's heat-treated 8710 chrome moly wheels studs are designed as a replacement for any car engaged in racing, or competition. They have a tensile strength of 200,000 psi and are able to easily handle the tremendous acceleration shock loads (shear) and lateral forces (elongation) found in racing. The studs are sold in complete sets of 20 needed to complete the entire car. Nuts are not included. Cadmium plating is standard for extra durability.These studs are longer than the stock studs and require open lugnuts when installed. Open ended lug nuts dimensions: Underhead Length (in)2.750 in. and Knurl Length (in) 0.300 in.
Dayco Alternator / Air conditioning belt
Dayco Alternator / Air conditioning belt
Dayco Power Steering belt - Ecotec
Dayco Power Steering belt - Ecotec
GM Cylinder Head Gasket 2.0L Ecotec
Genuine GM cylinder head gasket 2.0L Ecotec
GM Timing Chain
Genuine GM timing chain
GM Upper Timing Chain Guide
Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide between cam gears
GM Timing Chain Guide
Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide
GM Timing Chain Tensioner Guide
Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide
GM OEM Ecotec Thermostat
Genuine GM thermostat used in all engine builds here OEM
ARP Ecotec Cylinder head stud kit
Super strong way to hold your engine together for high horsepwoer engines
Solstice / Sky EBC Brake Pads
Solstice / Sky EBC Brake Pads
Solstice/Sky 2.0L, SA Carrillo Connecting Rods
Carrillo Connecting Rods, 2.0L
Solstice/Sky 2.0L, H-Beam Carrillo Connecting Rods
Carrillo Connecting Rods, 2.0L
Solstice/Sky Hawk Brake Pads
Hawk Brake Pads for Stock Solstice Sky Calipers
GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids
GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids 2.0L LNF and 2.4L LE5 Ecotec engines
Cup holder insert for Solstice/Sky Center Console by DDMWorks
This is the cup holder insert for the solstice or sky center console madeby DDMWorks
GM OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Exhaust manifold gasket for 2.0L and 2.4L
GM OEM Waterpump for 2.0L, 2.4L Ecotec
GM OEM factory water pump for 2.0L LNF and 2.4L LE5 Ecotec engines
Solstice/Sky Wiseco Forged Piston Kit, 2.0L
The skirt shape (barrel/cam) is one of the most functional areas on the piston, and provides stability and smooth operation in the cylinder bore. Stability is important for proper ring seal, reduced friction, and quiet operation. Each skirt shape is designed for a specific running clearance, based on coefficient of thermal expansion of the piston alloy. Some forging alloys expand more than casting alloys, but each Wiseco piston is designed with the proper installed clearance to produce the most power, least wear, and best seal at running temperature, for each application. Comparing installed clearances on cast vs forged parts is not indicative of the running clearance at temperature. Wiseco engineers have a strong background in all forms of racing applications, and produce the best shapes and designs in the industry.
  • Bore size notes - Stock bores can wear slightly over time which can result in too much piston to cylinder wall clearance. At our shop we prefer to use .5mm larger pistons which require a slight overbore on the sleeves but bore the cylinders to match the pistons exactly and keep the piston to wall clearance in the specified range.
  • Compression ratio notes - Lower compression rates are available through custom order, however lower compression ratios are not needed for most builds.
  • Wilwood 570 Hi-Temp Brake Fluid
    Wilwood 570 Hi-Temp exceeds DOT 3 specifications. Since racing brake fluid is changed often (before every event is recommended) the dry boiling point is more important than the wet boiling point. Special ingredients provide excellent lubricating and cleaning qualities to help keep your brake system in top condition. Wilwood's Hi-Temp also has low viscosity to help prevent aeration and foaming when bleeding the brakes.Wilwood 570 Specifications:DOT Rating - 3Dry Boiling Point - 570°FWet Boiling Point - Wet 284°FCompatible with other fluids - YesContainer - 12 fluid ounce plastic bottle
    Solstice VDI Vertical Door Kit
    This vertical door kit is complete with everything you need to do the install on your Solstice. Even though the kit is a direct bolt on kit, there are some minor trimming that is needed, but it is completely reversible if you ever want to remove them. The doors still seal and close just like factory so you do not have to worry about leaking. Most people can still get out of the car without raising the door up, it really is the best kit out there. If you have any questions before your purchase, just let us know!Description:Includes:# 2 gas shocks# 2 VDC hinges (one for each side)# All mounting hardware
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    Valve Cover Powder Coating Service
    No cores, no mess, we only offer brand new valve covers direct from dealer that are carefully prepared and powdercoated in your choice of color, this even includes a new valve cover gasket! We have brand new valve cover cores come in and then carefully prepare each one for the powder coating process.
    Solstice/Sky SP Performance Rotors
    With SP Performance Slotted rotors, you will feel the difference. Its series of slots wipe the surface of the rotor forcing the gases to expel through the slots. The slots also greatly improve wet weather braking by preventing hydroplaning between the pad and rotor. The slots on SP Performance rotors are machined to the minimum thickness. This is done to insure that the rotor strength is not compromised, keeping safety and reliability in mind for virtually all automotive cars and trucks. This is a bolt-on, hassle free way to greatly improve your stopping performance.SP Drilled and Slotted Rotors are a unique design offering the best combination of cooling and out-gassing. In fact, our design is so unique we would like to go over some of the details. The first thing we will point out on the drilled rotor is the chamfer. Unlike our competition there is no edge on our chamfer. This is accomplished by the use of an outer radius curve rather than a countersink. With the radius curve, or Sinusoid Curve", it virtually eliminates an edge on the surface of the hole. With no edge, there is less stress build up, thus reducing the chance of surface checking. This smooth surface also makes the rotor more pad friendly by reducing the wear of the pad caused by the friction scraping against a sharp edge.The SP Diamond Slot is a unique design in slotted technology. This design was created to maximize the out-gassing while maintaining the structural integrity of the rotor. The series of slots and diamond slots “wipes” the surface of the pad, reducing gases which build up and cause brakes to fade at higher temperatures. The slots and diamonds are machined to the minimum rotor thickness to insure rotor strength and integrity. The appearance of this design is highly desirable to the performance enthusiast wanting a new look to their vehicle.
    Solstice GXP Race Exhaust by Solo Performance
    The GXP-Race exhaust system was developed primarily for the Auto Cross and other racers out there. It’s a full 3” polished mandrel bent single exhaust system that exits only on the driver’s side. It’s a no frills, light weight, no muffler exhaust kit designed for the enthusiastic racer.

    Here are some attributes of our GXP-Race system:
    • Solo’s loudest exhaust kit for the turbo GXP.
    • Fully polished stainless steel cat back exhaust kit.
    • Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
    • Classed as a full bodied nosier exhaust kit.
    • Recommended for the enthusiast.
    • This is a no drone exhaust kit with no muffler.
    • This is a single exhaust.

    Solstice GXP Street Race Exhaust by Solo Performance
    The GXP-Street race exhaust system is Solo’s noisiest GXP exhaust kit. This was developed for the enthusiasts that like a full bodied exhaust note. The STREET RACE has no muffler to reduce the noise, the turbo acts like a muffler as it “chops” up the exhaust and deadens the noise to an acceptable level. This is still a no drone exhaust kit however, your neighbors “will” hear you coming and going.

    • SOLO’S loudest exhaust kit for the turbo GXP.
    • Fully polished stainless steel cat back exhaust kit.
    • Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
    • Classed as a full bodied nosier exhaust kit.
    • Recommended for the enthusiast.
    • This is a no drone exhaust kit with no muffler.

    Solstice GXP Mach Shorty Exhaust by Solo Performance
    The GXP Mach shorty exhaust system is Solo’s mid-range sounding exhaust kit.
    Solstice GXP Rear Center Duals [RCD] Exhaust by Solo Performance
    Solo designed and manufactured this dual in, dual out true X design 11” muffler just for this application. The regular 14” muffler just wouldn’t fit, the space constraints that are inherent in the GXP for rear center duals offered another interesting benefit. The sound is very unique, this kits sound falls right in between the Mach and our Street Race.

    A rear valence change is required to complete this look, please contact Norm’s Fiberglass (574) 255-7843 for your valence or diffuser order. ( The valence or diffuser is not included in the price of your Solo Kit) (www.normsfiberglass.com)

    The GXP-RCD kit package totally transforms your GXP in both looks and sound.

    • This is a rear center dual configuration.
    • Requires a valence change. (See above information to order your valence or diffuser)
    • Solo's mid-range sounding exhaust kit for the turbo GXP.
    • Fully polished stainless steel cat back exhaust kit.
    • Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
    • Classed as moderate sounding high performance.

    Solstice GXP Mach Exhaust by Solo Performance
    Solo's quietest exhaust kit for the turbo GXP
    2.0L Ecotec High Flow Cat by Solo Performance
    The free flow catalytic converter’s are tested and ready to go. As many of you know it’s been a long road to manufacturing this converter for the GXP that doesn’t trigger the engine light. After months of consulting with engineers, trial and error and countless frustration we are glad to announce that they are ready for sale. This is a full 3” stainless steel mandrel bent direct fit converter. We use a 5” long 200 cell stainless steel wound coil converter. These are a special internal design made especially for turbo’s and superchargers.

    Solo Performance chose the substantially more expensive 5” converter (most manufacturers of this type of converter use a 3” to 3 ½ cat body) for a few reasons:
    1. The more substance inside the better it cleans the exhaust gasses.
    2. The 5” coil lasts longer than the 3” as there is more contact area for the gasses to hit.
    3. The sound quality is much better. It’s a softer, less harsh, exhaust note with the 5”coil.
    4. This particular manufacturer makes this unit to last. Each individual coil is tack welded.

    • 15 HP increase, 8 extra foot pounds of torque increase.

    Solstice/Sky KW Coilover Variant 3
    The Variant 3 is state-of-the-art technology for the skilled and experienced driver.
    Solstice/Sky 2.0L, Pro-H Carrillo Connecting Rods
    Carrillo Connecting Rods, 2.0L
    Solstice/Sky Carbotech 1521 Brake Pads

    Carbotech 1521 brake pads, high performance treet compound

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    DDMWorks Performance Rotors for Solstice / Sky
    $200.00  $185.50
    Zinc plated performance Rotors. The zinc plating helps protect the hats and discs from corrosion in unswept areas.

    The new Hook slot face pattern is now available for Solstice and Sky Rotors. Developed in professional motorsports, the Hook slot provides the initial pad bite of cross-drilled rotor, while dramatically reducing concerns over premature cracking at elevated temperatures. The Hook slot design offers some advantages over other grooved or slotted rotors; greater initial bite, superior pad cleaning, faster pad release and reduced thickness variation. The advantages that this design provides are faster reaction of the pads, less susceptible to pad glazing, and reduced brake pad build up.

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    Silicone LNF Throttle body elbow for Solstice / Sky by DDMWorks

    DDMWorks silicone 2.0L LNF throttle body elbow replaces the rubber connector that goes from the drivers side charge tube to the throttle body.

    This replacement piece is made from 4 ply high quality silicone and has been custom formed for perfect fitment on the 2.0L LNF.

    Silcone combo, blackSave $25 when you purchase the LNF Silicone combo!

    or Save $20 on our Upper Raddiator hose at checkout

    Silicone LNF combo Solstice/Sky by DDMWorks

    Made of high quality 4-ply silicone this trifecta of hoses is a great upgrade for the 2.0L LNf engine. Pick them all up a the same time and you even save some cash.

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    Silicone LNF Intake tube for Solstice / Sky by DDMWorks
    DDMWorks silicone 2.0L LNF intake tube is for cars using the stock intake tube going from the turbo to the stock intake air box.

    These 4 ply high quality silicone intake tubes have been custom formed for perfect fitment on the 2.0L LNF.

    This is the last intake tube you will ever need. Unlike the stock intake tube, which cracks or breaks over time, this silicone intake tube will stay soft and never degrade. Since the silicone still flexes proper movement is maintained between the intake air box and the engine, unlike using a rigid metal tube

    Silcone combo, blackSave $25 when you purchase the LNF Silicone combo!

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    Solstice/Sky LVFCB "Venom Brace" by DDMWorks
    Front chassis brace for the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
    DDMWorks Oil Catch Can for Solstice / Sky

    We have encountered a problem with the boosted engines in the Solstice, Sky and Opel GT. Oil residue shows up in the intake tracts over time and this residue starts to work its way through the turbo, into the intake pipes and intercooler. As the oil coats the inside of the intercooler, performance starts to decrease. Also this residue can build up on the MAF sensor (2.4L) or the MAP sensor (2.0L). The factory did try to integrate a way to catch this oil in the 2.0L cars into the valve cover, but we still see the oil residue on even stock cars.

    What we came up with to resolve this problem is a simple catch can made specifically for the cars, that bolts in using stock bolts. The box is packed internally with stainless steel mesh to help the oil collect, and with a huge capacity of almost 3/4 quart, you will not need to empty the can very often. The integrated sight glass on the catch can will let you know when it is getting full and the removalable drain plug allows simple draining.

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    DDMWorks LNF Charge Tubes for Solstice / Sky
    Intercooler charge tubes (pipes) for the Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline.
    DDMWorks LNF Fuel Filter Kit
    Another DDMWorks exclusive is this complete, easily installed fuel filter kit for the 2.0L LNF engine. The kit is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for the fuel being fed to your engine.
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    Solstice / Sky Backbone Brace by DDMWorks
    This brace should be your first suspension upgrade for you Kappa! 30% improvement over stock brace.
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    DDMWorks Coil Cover, Stainless Steel
    The DDMWorks Coil Cover will fit both the 2.4 (LE5) and the turbo 2.0 (LNF) motors. This Coil Cover comes with stainless steel hardware to attach directly to the Cam/Valve cover.
    Solstice/Sky BC Coilovers
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    DDMWorks Dual Gauge A Pillar Pod for Solstice / Sky
    Our dual pillar pod is molded plastic to withstand cracking, fading and warping. Holds two 52mm or 2 1/16th inch gauges as well as gives a clean OEM look. No mounting hardware needed and instructions are included. Can also be fitted to hold the Onstar microphone. This pillar pod is car specific.
    Solstice/Sky Porterfield R4S Brake Pads
    R-4 Carbon pads offer tremendously high friction levels while at the same time extending rotor life. Porterfield Brake pads and professional preparation puts the winning edge with you.
    K&N High-Flow Panel Air Filter for 2.0L Solstice and Sky
    A simple way to add some power to the car, just drop into the stock filter housing. We carry filters for the 2.4L and the 2.0 turbo motor, just pick your engine and we will get the right filter out to you.
    DDMWorks Universal 2.0L engine build kit
    We have made it easier for you if you plan on building up your engine and want to make sure you have all of the parts needed before you start. This kit is all of the basic parts needed when doing engine work on a LNF 2.0L engine. These are the same parts that we replace when doing engine builds here and we have grouped them together to make it easier for you to order if you plan on building up your 2.0L for more power. Universal 2.0L engine build kit includes Timing chain tensioner, Rear main seal, Timing Cover gasket, Main Bolts, Girdle bolts, Main OEM bearings, Rod bearings, Head gasket and ARP Head studs.
  • Timing chain tensioner
  • Rear main seal
  • Timing Cover gasket
  • Main Bolts,set of 20
  • Girdle bolts, set of 10
  • Main bearings, OEM set
  • Rod bearings, full set
  • Head gasket
  • Cam actuator bolts
  • ARP Head studs
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    Trifecta Performance Tune, 2.0L Solstice/Sky
    Custom performance tune for the 2.0L Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky by Trifecta Performance. NO downtime and NO need to ship your ECM!