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K&N High-Flow Panel Air Filter for 2.0L Solstice and Sky
A simple way to add some power to the car, just drop into the stock filter housing. We carry filters for the 2.4L and the 2.0 turbo motor, just pick your engine and we will get the right filter out to you.
DDMWorks Oil Catch Can for Solstice / Sky

We have encountered a problem with the boosted engines in the Solstice, Sky and Opel GT. Oil residue shows up in the intake tracts over time and this residue starts to work its way through the turbo, into the intake pipes and intercooler. As the oil coats the inside of the intercooler, performance starts to decrease. Also this residue can build up on the MAF sensor (2.4L) or the MAP sensor (2.0L). The factory did try to integrate a way to catch this oil in the 2.0L cars into the valve cover, but we still see the oil residue on even stock cars.

What we came up with to resolve this problem is a simple catch can made specifically for the cars, that bolts in using stock bolts. The box is packed internally with stainless steel mesh to help the oil collect, and with a huge capacity of almost 3/4 quart, you will not need to empty the can very often. The integrated sight glass on the catch can will let you know when it is getting full and the removalable drain plug allows simple draining.

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Valve Cover Powder Coating Service
No cores, no mess, we only offer brand new valve covers direct from dealer that are carefully prepared and powdercoated in your choice of color, this even includes a new valve cover gasket! We have brand new valve cover cores come in and then carefully prepare each one for the powder coating process.
Solstice/Sky Wiseco Forged Piston Kit, 2.4L LE5
The skirt shape (barrel/cam) is one of the most functional areas on the piston, and provides stability and smooth operation in the cylinder bore. Stability is important for proper ring seal, reduced friction, and quiet operation. Each skirt shape is designed for a specific running clearance, based on coefficient of thermal expansion of the piston alloy. Some forging alloys expand more than casting alloys, but each Wiseco piston is designed with the proper installed clearance to produce the most power, least wear, and best seal at running temperature, for each application. Comparing installed clearances on cast vs forged parts is not indicative of the running clearance at temperature. Wiseco engineers have a strong background in all forms of racing applications, and produce the best shapes and designs in the industry.
  • Bore size notes - Stock bores can wear slightly over time which can result in too much piston to cylinder wall clearance. At our shop we prefer to use .5mm larger pistons which require a slight overbore on the sleeves but bore the cylinders to match the pistons exactly and keep the piston to wall clearance in the specified range.
  • Compression ratio notes - Lower compression rates are available through custom order, however lower compression ratios are not needed for most builds.
  • Carillo Pro-H Connecting Rod , 2.4L LE5
    Carillo Pro-H Connecting Rod , 2.4L LE5 Set of 4
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    DDMWorks Short Throw Shifter
    This item is temporarily OUT OF STOCK, Please allow approximately 6-8 weeks for ship. The DDMWorks short throw shifter makes the shifts more direct and reduces the throw of the shifter from 4" for stock to an amazing 2.6"!
    Solstice/Sky ARP Wheel Studs
    ARP's heat-treated 8710 chrome moly wheels studs are designed as a replacement for any car engaged in racing, or competition. They have a tensile strength of 200,000 psi and are able to easily handle the tremendous acceleration shock loads (shear) and lateral forces (elongation) found in racing. The studs are sold in complete sets of 20 needed to complete the entire car. Nuts are not included. Cadmium plating is standard for extra durability.These studs are longer than the stock studs and require open lugnuts when installed. Open ended lug nuts dimensions: Underhead Length (in)2.750 in. and Knurl Length (in) 0.300 in.
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    Kappa Attic
    Innovative Interior Storage Solution!  The kappaATTIC is our latest solution for the storage-challenged Kappa cars. This new soft storage system is mounted over your head in the soft top of your car. You can now stash AND access your maps, sunglasses, owner's manual, CDs, cell phones, iPod/MP3 players, etc with ease and convenience.  Store things in an ATTIC - just like your grandma.  Perfect for a trip or even better if your Kappa is a daily driver.  Kappasphere exclusive.
    Replacement shocks for VDI kits, Solstice/Sky
    Replacement shocks for VDI kits, Solstice/Sky (SPECIAL ORDER ITEM, this product may take longer than usual to ship)
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    DDMWorks Lil' Chromies*
    $29.00  $26.50
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    Quick cabin canopy! This compact, smart, and durable car cover will protect your interior from the elements when you re on the go.
    Weathershield® car cover for Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
    Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky car cover by Weathershield ®
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    DDMWorks 2.0L Cold Air Intake for Solstice/Sky/Opel GT turbo
    DDMWorks cold air intake for the 2.0L Solstice GXP, Sky Redline and Opel GT
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    Stainless Steel Shift Knob by DDMWorks
    Stainless steel shift knob with common M10 x 1.25 thread pattern to fit many vehicles.
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    DDMWorks Shift Boot for Solstice
    Pontiac Solstice shift boot by DDMWorks
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    DDMWorks 2.4L (NA) Cold Air intake for Solstice / Sky
    Cold Air intake by DDMWorks for the 2.4L naturally aspirated Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
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    DDMWorks LNF Power Pak for Solstice and Sky
    Includes DDMWorks LNF Cold Air intake, DDMWorks Charge tubes, and Trifecta Remote Tune
    Built Solstice / Sky 2.4L Engine by DDMWorks
    Built Solstice / Sky 2.4L Engine by DDMWorks
    Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
    Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
    Molnar H-Beam Connecting Rods for 2.4L LE5 / LE9
    Molnar H-Beam Connecting Rods for 2.4L LE5
    Kappa Rear Shock Adjuster Covers, Set of 2
    When installing adjustable shocks in the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky, you must drill two large holes in the trunk to reach the adjusters. These caps cover those holes cleaning up the look and protecting the inside of the trunk for dirt and water.
    Windrestrictor®, Pontiac Solstice
    Pontiac Solstice 2006+ Wind Deflector from Windrestrictor®
    Windrestrictor®, Saturn Sky
    Saturn Sky 2007+ Wind Deflector, EXPECT SHIPPING DELAYS
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    DDMWorks ProBeam for Solstice / Sky
    This rear brace makes the back end of the Kappa feel more predictable and solid!
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    Ecotec Oil Cap by DDMWorks
    Another great way to customize your ride! This Oil Cap is one piece, billet aluminum for 2.0L & 2.4L Ecotec.