Q: Buenas Es para saber el costo de envío del sistema de 4 ruedas para el slingshot 2016. El envío es para Puerto Rico me interesa obtener más información sobre el producto para comprarlo

Asked by: Christian miranda - 10/15/2022
A: For shipping information, please email us at [email protected] with your address and we can get an estimated quote together for you.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (10/16/2022)

Q: I am local. Do you install these kits?

Asked by: Doug Holt - 10/2/2022
A: Please email [email protected] for information on installations.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (10/3/2022)

Q: Can you supply 2019 SLR OEM forged 20x10 rear rims? What size tires tires do you recommend post the conversion? What does it cost for your shop to do the install? Can you do the install at SSITS 2023 ?Finally, can you do the laser alignment post install? Thanks in advance

Asked by: Milburn Emery - 9/20/2022
A: We recommend discussing wheel and tire packages with Mitch at Rev Dynamics as we do not source wheels and tires. We can do an installation at SSITS 2023 and Scott Riley does typically do laser alignments at that show. If he cannot we can do a non laser alignment post install. Please email me directly at [email protected] for details, costs, and to schedule this appointment.
Answer provided by: Mike B. (10/4/2022)

Q: will this kit work on the 2021 AUTO DRIVE

Asked by: RICHARD1 E ASHWOOD - 9/2/2022
A: Yes this will work with all years including 2020+ Auto-drive and manual
Answer provided by: Mike B. (10/4/2022)

Q: Interested in the 4 wheel conversion kit, does it include everything needed like break lines calipers and rotors ? does this price include shipping ?

Asked by: William kirby - 8/26/2022
A: This will include braking for the rear (lines, calipers and rotors) Price does not include shipping.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: How difficult is it to install

Asked by: William kirby - 8/26/2022
A: This will depend on skill level. If you would like we can send over instructions for you to look at just email [email protected]
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/13/2022)

Q: This is the 324 style kit like All Things Slingshot sells. They have what they call V2 now, with upper side tube that round under the bottom. Can you offer that? Also, can you sell a unit without the differential for the customer to source their own?

Asked by: Rick Williams - 8/26/2022
A: We do not do custom frame modifications to this kit or offer it as unfinished or incomplete. Feel free to call us at 864-438-4949 for questions about this.
Answer provided by: Mike B. (10/4/2022)

Q: Can I get the 4 wheel conversion install instructions sent to me please?

Asked by: Levi - 8/25/2022
A: Please send us an email to [email protected] and we will get those sent over to you.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: I want the slingshot 4 wheel conversion. Where are you located and what is your phone number. I have Rims on it but I’m not sure if they are offset or not. I have lots of questions.

Asked by: Cyn - 8/16/2022
A: Please email us at [email protected] with any questions you may have or call 864-438-4949.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: Does this kit affect whether the Slingshot can be registered?

Asked by: Rowan - 7/29/2022
A: The Slingshot can still be registered, but the classification may change depending on state. We suggest reaching out to your local DMV for more information.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: Will this product void my Polaris warranty

Asked by: Claude Mills - 6/18/2022
A: It is safe to say that this kit will void your factory warranty. However, I would contact your local dealer to verify for sure.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: Does the 4 wheel conversion change the motorcycle status to kit car? In Va helmets are required in a Slingshot "motorcycle."

Asked by: Steven - 5/7/2022
A: The classification varies by state, we suggest contacting your local DMV for more information on this.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)

Q: Are these kits built by order, approx how long does it take to receive after order.

Asked by: Kirbinator - 4/29/2022
A: The current lead time on kits is 16-18 weeks.
Answer provided by: Sales, AP (9/12/2022)