Windrestrictor®, Saturn Sky

Windrestrictor®, Saturn Sky
Clear, Version 2, no etching

Windrestrictor®, Saturn Sky

Saturn Sky 2007+ Wind Deflector, EXPECT SHIPPING DELAYS

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Optional Accessories
9 Volt Battery Pack [+$14.00]
Dimmer Key-Fob Remote [+$35.00]
12 Volt Adapter Plug [+$7.00]
12 Volt Rechargable Power Pack [+$49.00]
This item will ship from WindRestrictor® Made to order, please allow 7-10 days for ship
Part Number:WR-SKY
Version 2

Most Popular Design [Version 2]

This deflector mounts with a special material called Dual Lock. Once the product is mounted, the mounting system is hidden. It's 1/4" thick and very strong. Once installed, the product is intended to be left in place. A lifetime warranty is included with your purchase which guarantees that the product will never fade, yellow, peel, or crack like others on the market. 

Version 1

OriginalDesign - Special Order Only [Version 1]
We do offer the OriginalVersion 1 of this product which mounts with 4 screws in the trunk. It's 1/8" thick and fits snug between the deck lid and the rear panel. It looks more like a factory mount. We suggest removing the Version 1 if you keep your top up for more than a few days at a time. It comes with a storage case and is easily removed. A lifetime warranty is NOT included with the purchase of a Version 1. This version of the product is special-order-only. Extended wait time can be expected for this version.

Etching Options:

Which accessories do I need to make the lighting work ?

None, this product comes with instructions and the wire tap clamp needed to wire directly into your running lights or break lights. Accessories are simply add-on features. 
12 Volt Plug: This item gives you the ability to simply plug the product into your cigarette lighter port. 
9 Volt Battery Pack: As simple as it sounds, on/off switch built in. Small and can be hidden out of sight. 
Dimmer Control Module with Key-fob Remote: You will be able to turn the unit on and off with remote control and control the intensity of the lighting as well. 
Extreme Lighting Kit: (Under Color Selection) The extreme light kit comes with a remote control which will give you the ability to set the product on any given color. It also has an on/off switch built in. The module features several different "light show" options as well including fading, blinking, etc through multiple colors. This option requires a minimum of 12 volts for power, so it can be hardwired or used in combination with the 12 volt plug.



Why aren’t there any lighting options for the smoked tinted version?

The illumination will not work in combination with the tint. If interested, you may have a local tint shop tint a single side of the product to match identically to the tint you already have on your car.


I don’t see a spot to add my custom text or graphics I want, why not?

If you want personalized text or graphics we ask you contact Windrestrictor® direct to place your order.  After your order is placed with them, a graphic artist will contact you through email to get the details from you. At that time you can either respond back with the file you want, or you simply give a description. Either way they will send you a proof of the design, before they laser engrave it, for your approval.


I’ve seen this product on other websites; are they all the same?

We are the inventors and manufacturers of the Laser Etched, Illuminated Windrestrictor®. Because of the overwhelming popularity of this new invention; we’ve set up multiple authorized distributors. Every Windrestrictor® World Wide is manufactured in and shipped from Dallas, Texas USA. We stand behind our products with a lifetime warranty!


What is the difference between the Versions?

We offer 4 types of Windrestrictor® brand products for each vehicle. 
[Exclusive] Etched and Illuminated: This product comes with an engraved image as well as an ambient lighting system built in to the product. 
[Premier] Etched Only: This means there is no lighting system with the product but you do get the laser engraved image. 
[Classic] Clear Illuminated: This product comes clear with no logo, but still has the unique illumination feature which can been seen around the edges. 
[Standard] Clear: This is our base model with no images and no lighting.

    WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
    For more information go to 

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