Solstice / Sky Backbone Brace by DDMWorks

Solstice / Sky Backbone Brace by DDMWorks
Solstice / Sky Backbone Brace by DDMWorks

Solstice / Sky Backbone Brace by DDMWorks

This brace should be your first suspension upgrade for you Kappa! 30% improvement over stock brace.

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Part Number:DDM-8-9

DDMWorks Original Product!
All convertibles have an inherent weak center section in the middle of the car between the front of the door opening and the back of the door opening. This weakness is because the section height of the car is the smallest at that point compared to other parts of the car. The entire section height of the car is only as high as the top of the center tunnel of the car. The shorter this section height of the car is, the more prone it is to twisting and bending. If you compare the short section height of a regular modern sedan that extends all the way to the roof of the car to our car, you can see how much shorter of a section height we are dealing with as a convertible, and also why modern sedans are stiffer than convertibles. 

For those that are not familiar with it, the center tunnel of the car is an upside down "U" shape channel that has the drive shaft and exhaust running through it. GM boxed in this "U" channel with a stamped steel piece that is ".060" thick that runs right down the middle of the car. When you remove it from the car to install our Aluminum DDMWorks Backbone brace, it becomes pretty obvious how flimsy the stock piece is. You can easily bend and twist this piece compared to the backbone brace. There is no weight advantage with the new piece it is actually heavier than the stock piece. The real advantage of the DDMWorks backbone brace is that you are stiffening up this short section height "U" channel and making the chassis stiffer allowing the suspension to work better and not twist as much. Some people with added power have actually cracked windshields on the car because of the chassis twisting. 

Once we installed the first prototype on the car it was immediately obvious that we improved the torsional rigidity of the car after a short drive down the road, the car responded quicker and took a set into a turn quicker. With this brace and the Pro-beam on the car the handling difference is very noticeable from a stock car. Where the stock car feels slow to react, cars with both the Pro-beam and the backbone are faster to react to turns and feel much more solid. 

This brace offers an improvement of 30% over stock.  This improvement to the chassis does not make the ride any harsher than stock, it just makes the car a more solid platform for the suspension to work off of, giving the car a ride like a more expensive vehicle.

  • Fits: 2006+ Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky 
  • Made from 6061 Aluminum
  • Stiffens up short section height "U" channel and making the chassis stiffer 
  • Allows suspension to work better and not twist as much 
  • 30% improvement over stock
  • Installation note: torque specs are 13-15 ft lbs of torque
  • Base 1/4" and Performance 3/8" are solid pieces
  • Race/Track 1/2" version has cut-outs allowing it to weigh the same as the solid Performance 3/8" version but with more stiffness

    WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
    For more information go to 

5 Stars
VERY easy install. Have to go out and wring it out a bit, but I'm very happy and expect it will perform like the other DDM products!!!
Reviewed by:  from Huntsville. on 1/15/2021
5 Stars
3/8 backbone
2008 gxp powdercoat was good fit was perfect. Really stabilized car from flexing.
Reviewed by:  from Marysville. on 6/12/2020
5 Stars
Installed the 3/8 backbone brace on my 2007 Solstice GXP. I was very impressed of how the product strengthened the car. I also installed the other items with the bundle package.. I can say they did make a dramatic improvement in handling and also improved the launch from dead stop. Very easy installation about 40 minutes using a pair of ramps under the rear wheels and a floor jack.
Reviewed by:  from Oak Ridge TN. on 5/22/2020
5 Stars
Reviewed by:  from GURNEE. on 11/5/2019
5 Stars
I installed the Pro Beam first, then I installed this backbone after about 2 months. I feel the Pro Beam makes more of a difference in ride and rear stability, the backbone makes a difference in stability when putting stress on the frame. That means you notice the difference when braking and turning, especially at high speeds. It is much harder to under/over steer now. The tires feel much more planted onto the ground and it fills you with much more confidence than before. I can still get it to under steer sometimes, but it is pretty much avoidable now.
Reviewed by:  from Midwest. on 9/20/2015

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