Short Shifter Weight for DDMWorks 1.4L Ecotec Short Shifter

Short Shifter Weight for DDMWorks 1.4L Ecotec Short Shifter
Shifter weight

Short Shifter Weight for DDMWorks 1.4L Ecotec Short Shifter

Shifter Weight for Chevy Sonic M32 Short Shifter
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Part Number:DDM-13-21B

DDMWorks Original Product!
Our short shifter is the first short shifter to offer customizable shifting weights for variable shifting effort and feel. Although all of the testers have liked the base short shifter with no weight, a weight can be bolted onto the base short shifter at anytime to give a more OEM feel. The base short shifter with no weight offers the most shifting feel possible with a direct, sporty feel. For a more OEM feel, available weights can be added to the shifter at anytime to keep the shorter shift, but give a more weighted shifter feel. 

Adding one weight gives your shifter a sporty feel and adding 2 weights makes it feel almost OEM, while keeping the shorter throw. 

    WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
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4 Stars
Must have for short shifter
I installed my short shifter with shifter weight on my 2012 Sonic about a month ago. I can say that it felt super crisp. The shifter felt nice and tight. The short shifter itself just makes the throws shorter. But it's the shifter weight that really makes you feel like you're driving. I know because I had the shifter weight installed for about a month and it felt perfect. Unfortunately the screws that DDMWorks provides with this are long enough to go through the weight and into the short shifter. They sit flush with the shifter which means that you're really just hoping that they're tight enough and they don't come loose. Well wishes can only get you so far because today I heard some metal rattling noise while shifting. It turns out that one screw was loose and the other was gone. That is the only reason for the four stars. I'd recommend getting your own screws and maybe some washers and nuts to tighten it all so it won't come loose. Other than that it's the favorite mod I've done to my car. I would definitely buy it again, and I might actually buy a second weight just to feel the difference.
Reviewed by:  from Vinton. on 9/10/2016

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