Kappa Short Shifter, new product announcement
We are here at DDMWorks are very happy to announce the introduction of the first short throw shifter for the Pontiac Solstice with manual transmission. Our new short throw shifter replaces the stock shifter mechanism with billet CNC parts. It will not not require that you change the stock shift knob or boot though, so you can maintain the stock look inside your car. If you have purchased the JPM shift knob and boot in the past, it will also bolt right up to our shifter and you have the best of both worlds Installation time takes about 30 minutes and is easily done from the interior of the car with simple hand tools. The result after installation is a reduction in forward and back motion from 4" to and amazing 2.6" and a much more positive feel when shifting. The entire kit is only $165 which includes the new stainless steel shift mechanism, black oxide coated adapters and new hardware for installation. With the Labor day sale we are having this weekend, if you pre-order the shifter is only $148.50! We anticipate shipping the first batch of these on 9-9-14. 

To order, visit the link - DDMWorks Short shifter 

If you want to see what it takes to install the short shifter, here is a link to the instructions online - assets/images/instructions/kappa/Short Shifter Rev A.pdf 

 Let me know if you have any questions! Thanks, Dave
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