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K&N Air Filter Cleaning Kit
A six-step maintenance system designed to clean any K&N Air Filter. Restores air flow efficiency so your Filtercharger performs like new!
Oxygen Sensor Extender
PLEASE NOTE: Solo Performance will be closed the week of Aug 9 – Aug 13, 2021 for Summer Holidays. They will resume shipping on Monday Aug 16, 2021.

Oxygen Sensor Extender

UNI Filter Oil and Cleaning Kit
Uni Filters oil and cleaners are made specifically for the filter you receive with your DDMWorks Cold Air Intake kits.
DDMWorks 1990-1993 Miata Cold Air Intake for Jackson Racing Superchargers
The Jackson Racing supercharger is a great way to add some power to your miata, and makes it drive like it should have come from the factory. However, the superchargers intake is not the best design. The Originalintake pulls hot air close to your exhaust header, up to 30 degrees hotter than ambient, decreasing the air available for the supercharger and lowering the power the supercharger can make. Our intake encloses a new foam pod filter inside a stainless steel enclosure that gets fed plenty of cool air from behind the drivers side headlight. This drops your intake temps up to 30 degrees and pressurizes the intake tract leading to the supercharger, helping to maximize the power your supercharger can make. An extra benefit to our filter assembly is that it takes only a few seconds to remove the pod filter for routine cleaning. Give your supercharged Miata the intake it should have come with. If your car is a 1990-1997 and equipped with cruise control, you will need to relocate the cruise control actuator.
DDMWorks Stage 1 intake, Entry Level Kit "Elk" for 1990-1993 Miata
The DDMWorks intake replaces your Miata's restrictive air box with a beautiful stainless steel heat shield and free flowing foam filter. It is a simple way to add a nice growl to your Miata and gives you some stylish under hood looks!

*** 99-05 Miata’s with ABS require the relocation of the windshield washer bottle or trimming of the heat shield to fit the intake system. A universal reservoir can be purchased from an auto parts store although there are no exact instructions.

Filters for DDMWorks Miata Intakes
A lot of testing goes into all of our products, and that includes the filters. We make sure that the filter we offer with our kits are not only the best fit, but the best performing!
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Miata, HDM Supercharger Wonder Bracket by DDMWorks
A quick and easy way to fix your jackson racing supercharger. One of the common problems with the jackson racing superchargers for the miata is that the bypass actuator arm on the supercharger wears out, causing you to loose power and performance from your supercharger. This simple bolt on bracket re-enforces the Originalactuator arm to help prevent this from happening. If your actuator arm has already worn through this simple piece installs in minutes getting you back on the road quick!
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Cruise Control Relocation Bracket, Miata 1990-1997 by DDMWorks
Not just a cheap piece of metal to hold the cruise control actuator, this engineered piece is precision made from 304 stainless steel and holds the cruise control actuator securely. Locates the cruise actuator in the same location Mazda put it on the second generation Miata's. the kit comes with the stainless bracket, 4' of vacuumm tubing and zip ties to secure the tubing in place. This relocation kit is needed when ordering a supercharger cold air intake.