DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit for the Polaris Slingshot

DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit for the Polaris Slingshot
Picture shows optional oil pan kit

DDMWorks Stage 1 turbo kit for the Polaris Slingshot

Most affordable Complete Turbo kit available for the 2015-2019 Polaris Slingshot! This Kit includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED for installation as well as the ECM Tune and Exhaust! Multiple custom color options!
  • FITMENT:2015-2019 Polaris Slingshot
  • STOCK NOTES:Made to order, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks for ship.

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Tube Finish help
Oil Pan Installation Kit (makes install even easier!) help
Temporarily OUT OF STOCK, please allow approximately 4-6 weeks to ship.
Part Number:DDM-19-6

DDMWorks Original Product!
Polaris Slingshot Stage 1 Turbo tubes in Midnight Purple
Most affordable Complete Turbo kit available for the Polaris Slingshot!  This Kit includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED for installation as well as the ECM Tune and Exhaust!  We also offer multiple custom color options!

The DDMWorks Stage 1 Turbo kit for the Polaris Slingshot takes your Slingshot from the stock 150HP at the wheel, to a tire shredding 270hp and almost 300 ft/lbs of torque at the wheel. This bolt on kit is set to 7psi of boost using an OEM style internally waste-gated turbo. All the parts needed for the installation are included, including the tune. Even though this is our entry level kit, all of the parts have been chosen to give you the highest reliability and consistent smooth power after the installation. That installation is designed to be completed by the average homeowner over a weekend and provide a big boost in power with smooth drivability that is reliable and easy to drive.

Polaris Slingshot Turbo Kit, Stage 1 by DDMWorks

DDMWorks Polaris Slingshot Turbo Kit includes:

  • Turbo – When picking a turbo for the Stage 1 kit we wanted to make sure it was going to reliable and provide efficient boost. We ended up building a custom 2871 turbo that provides the efficientcy and the power level for the base power, but can also be turned up with supporting mods to over 350hp. 

  • DDMWorks Race Shorty Exhaust- 2.5" exhaust with side exhaust.  This exhaust has the same side exit as stock.

  • Turbo Adapter – The DDMWorks turbo adapter is a one of a kind design, CNC machined from a solid piece of billet stainless steel. We used 3-D printing technology during development to ensure a perfect fit when installing. This adapter allows the turbo to bolt direct to the factory exhaust manifold or most of the aftermarket manifolds available for the Polaris Slingshot with just 3 bolts. When the turbo is shipped, this adapter comes already installed on the turbo allowing for a quicker more confident installation.

  • ECU / Tune – When adding any forced induction to the Slingshot one of the most important elements is the tune that makes the kit run safely and reliably. Therefore we spent a lot of time focusing not only on full throttle maximum power but also working extensively on the day to day drivability of the system to make the system feel as OEM as possible. The goal is to give you a lot of power but make it smooth like something from the factory, best of all the cost of the turbo tune* is included in the price of the kit.  

  • MAP Sensor - The kit includes a genuine GM 2 Bar MAP Sensor with a custom harness for a simple plug and play installation. Also included is the DDMWorks MAP clip which adds an extra layer of protection keeping the MAP sensor from coming out of the intake manifold under boost.

  • Wastegate – The DDMWorks 2871 turbo comes with a highly efficient integrated internal wastegate. This wastegate comes pre-adjusted from DDMWorks for the correct boost level with no adjustments necessary. The internal wastegate allows for rock steady boost control without boost spikes or overboost that can lead to engine damage.

  • Front Mount Intercooler – The DDMWorks custom designed and manufactured front mount intercooler is made especially for the Slingshot. Our setup has continued to always show the lowest intake temperatures of any system we have tested yet. This intercooler has a custom lower mount and shrouding to help direct air into the intercooler to maintain low post intercooler temperatures. Charge tubes leading to and from the intercooler are available in black or red as standard with custom colors available on request.

  • Air Filter - Includes a new genuine K&N air filter that is re-usable and comes with a million mile warranty.

  • Spark Plugs - The turbo kit ships with 1 heat range colder spark plugs included to add another layer of engine safety to the kit.

  • Fittings and Oil Lines – This turbo kit requires the installation of a fitting on your stock oil pan for the turbo oil return. The oil supply, oil drain and both water lines are manufactured from stainless steel braided lines and beautiful aluminum AN fittings on the ends for durability and a long life.  We do offer the option of adding a new oil pan with oil drain fitting already welded and an oil pan gasket to make installation even easier! 

  • Hardware - All of the nuts, bolts, etc. required for installation are included in the kit  No trips to the hardware store required

  • NOTES:
    • The turbo system is designed to hook directly to the DDMWorks race exhaust, however the Welter 2.5” boosted setups will also work but installation will require the Welter downpipe. 
    • Installation for the Slingshot turbo kit by DDMWorks is estimated to take around 7-12 hours depending on experience and a color installation manual is provided with every kit. 
    • DDMWorks backs the turbo kit with a 1 year warranty against material or craftsmanship defects. 
    • Full technical support is available via phone, email, or text. 
    •  The kit was designed to be installed easily by owners at home over a weekend , however, we do recommend that this kit is Professionally Installed.
    *Customer responsible for ECM removal and shipping to OBD Diagnostics.

    We were proud to have broken the 1/2 mile World Record in 2018 for the fastest Slintshot belongs to a Slingshot running the DDMWorks EFR-7163 turbo kit.  The record was set at the Indy Airstrip Attack 2018 with an unbelievable record breaking speed of 143.45 in only a 1/2 mile track. 

      WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. 
      For more information go to www.P65Warnings.ca.gov. 
      This product has not been submitted for California CARB approval. Off-road use only in California and states adopting California emission standards.

    5 Stars
    Stage 1 turbo kit
    I kick myself everyday for waiting so long to put this kit on I should of done it on day one.. this kit is amazing and very simple to put on... I put this on and as soon as it was done went and sat in traffic during bike week for hours along with hours of slow speed driving!! Thanks guys!!
    Reviewed by:  from Florida . on 8/9/2021
    5 Stars
    My experience with installing the stage 1 turbo was excellent. Dave on the technical side answered every question I had with great expertise. I couldn’t have asked for better help. I also want to give a special shoutout to Angie. She also answered my questions in a professional, timely manner, and she kept me posted for when my items were coming. The welter exhaust I ordered was too far on back order (no fault of theirs) so I cancelled my order. Angie promptly refunded my money with zero issue, which was a big help. If you’re thinking of installing a turbo on your slingshot, don’t wait. What a blast it is to drive. It has all the power you need, and I am blessed to have the help I did in installing it. Thanks again!
    Reviewed by:  from Missouri . on 7/28/2020
    5 Stars
    Worth every penny!
    had the ZZP stage two kit on my slingshot for a year. 3 motors and more time fixing than driving my sling was a nightmare. I reached out to dave because I was not confident in ZZP’s ability to help me. After switching tunes and some parts we still had no luck. Between dave’s knowledge and patience I figured I would give boosting this 2.4L one more shot before going back to stock. I got a new motor and switch to this turbo kit. Best decision I could have made. Upon opening the boxes I was over joyed at the quality of everything. Labeled packaging of parts and where they go, easy to follow instructions, and the parts themselves just look like you got what you paid for. I still have my ZZP kit so I was able to do a side by side comparison. Things you get in this kit you don’t get in the other kit. A well built turbo, large intercooler, steel braided lines for coolant and actual flow matches injectors. Plus the option for a predrilled oil pan. With DDM you will get hands down the best customer service in the business, top quality parts,an amazing tune and fantastic dependable performance. Also the employees at DDM are always friendly and courteous. No matter how many times a day you call lol. Thanks Angie! With other companies your customer service is usually only given via emails. I am finally able to enjoy my slingshot without worrying about if it is going to blow my motor again. I am Now a DDM customer for life!
    Reviewed by:  from New york. on 5/27/2020

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