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Windrestrictor®, Indian Head hood ornament (Option 8)
Indian Hood ornament (Option 8)
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Windrestrictor®, Indian Head hood ornament (Option 8)

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Version 1

Version 1 mounts with 4 screws in the truck.  It's 1/8" thick and fits snug between the deck lid and the rear panel.  It looks more like a factory mount. 
Windrestrictor suggests removing the Version 1 if  you keep your top up for more than a few days at a time.  It comes with a storage case and is easily removed.

Version 2

Version 2 mounts with a special material called Dual Lock Grooves around routed into the surface and the material is inserted in to the groves. 
Once the prodcut is mounted this material is hidden.  It's WR's newest version and you can leave it on your roadster at all times.  It's 1/4" thick, 1" 
taller than the Version 1 and very strong.

Illumination color options

crystal clearelectirc blueglass appeal

  • Produces illumination from either brake lights or head lights.

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