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Solstice/Sky Stage 3 Supercharger Kit by DDMWorks
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Solstice/Sky Stage 3 Supercharger Kit by DDMWorks

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  • Fits:2006-2010 2.4L Pontiac Solstice, Saturn Sky
  • Kits are made to order and usually ship 3-4 weeks after order is placed
  • A $1000 non-refundable deposit is required at time of order

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DDMWorks original Product!
The big Kahuna of Power from DDMworks, the Stage 3 kit delivers 270hp+ at the wheels with the same amount of torque, pushing the 2.4L to an estimated 330hp at the crank. The setup comes with our standard 6 rib belt system that powers the supercharger on its own separate belt, with and integrated self adjusting tensioner system just like an OEM system. This setup gives maximum efficiency to the supercharger to help it suck in the air, pressurize it and force it into the engine making big torque from the 2.4L. To help fuel the extra air larger 60# injectors come with the kit to make sure that there is plenty of fuel for the cylinders. Also unique to the Stage 3 kit is a full 3" intake tract from the throttle body to the 3" filter, which gives a low restriction allowing the most air to get into the engine. The throttle body itself is the largest offered for the Solstice/Sky with throttle blades measuring 76mm, nearly 20% larger than the stock throttle body. The pulley is also unique to the Stage 3 kit as it is slightly smaller than the Stage 2 pulley which gives even more power down low and gets you off the line quicker. The rest of the kit is similar to our Stage 2 kit, using the same high quality, extruded core technology intercooler made here in the United States. The brackets to hold everything in place are made of heavy duty 1/2" Aluminum plate to ensure that the kit stays in place and will outlast your car. The kit can be installed by most homeowners in a weekend, but if you are unsure if you can install it, give us a call and we will be happy to talk with you and help you decide if you can do the install. Because of the torque the kit produces, the stock clutch will not hold the power and an upgraded clutch is needed. We offer a variety of clutches including the Stage 3 clutch that we specifically designed to work with this setup. Also this kit requires long tube headers for installation of the larger 3" intake system.

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