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Refurbished Solstice/Sky Stage 2 Supercharger Kit by DDMWorks

Refurbished Solstice/Sky Stage 2 Supercharger Kit by DDMWorks

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Part Number:DDM-07-002-Refurb
  • FITS: 2.4L, 2006+ Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky
  • 90 HP Gain
  • 9-10 PSI (depending on exhaust restrictions)
  • True Bolt on Kit!
  • Magnuson 4th Gen. MP62 Supercharger
  • DDMWorks High Flow Intercooler
  • DDMWorks Cold Air intake system, includes tubes, K&N filter and heat shield.
  • New Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • All pipes/tubing come standard with black powder coat finish, custom colors also available
  • Comes with Trifecta remote tune

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DDMWorks original Product!
Rarely we get in these refurb kits from customers upgrading to V8 conversions. When we get them in, we replace all of the major hardware, check the supercharger and include new belts, spark plugs and other wearable parts in the kit with new pieces. It is as close to a new kit as we can make it when it ships back out, but with a big savings over a brand new kit. There is an option to have the tubes re-powdercoated to a new color if you would like for an additional fee, otherwise they will be black. Information on the Stage 2 supercharger kit: The biggest thing about this kit is the intercooler. We worked with a local company who have supplied many OEM's with performance Intercoolers and other parts for their show cars and production vehicles and all we can say is WOW!! The intercooler is easily the highest tech and best intercooler we've seen out there. The extruded tubes allow air to pass easily through the intercooler to make sure that we do not have any of the overheating issues. Also the fins that are used for heat transfer are an engineered piece on this intercooler and have little louvers on them to increase the surface area available for heat transfer even more. The internal extruded design maximizes flow and heat transfer. With careful design we are only only seeing around 1 psi pressure drop from the supercharger outlet all the way over to the MAP sensor at the head, which is very very good on a set-up like this. So here are the numbers - 235HP and 245ft/lbs of torque at the wheels and that torque comes in very low. This thing really is a torque monster and very very fun to drive around town. Need to pass? even in 5th gear there is so much torque available instantly that there is no need to downshift. No need to wait for a turbo to spool at 2K, the power is instantly there. The intercooler only makes this an even more ideal street set-up for those looking for great drivability and something with an immediate kick in the pants of big torque fun! There is a $1000 deposit required at the time of ordering on all supercharger kits.

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