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LNF Fuel Filter Kit by DDMWorks

LNF Fuel Filter Kit by DDMWorks

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GM fuel line disconnect tool


DDMWorks original Product!

Another DDMWorks exclusive is this complete, easily installed fuel filter kit for the 2.0L LNF engine. The kit is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for the fuel being fed to your engine. The primary part of the kit is the fuel filter itself, which filters particles out of the fuel down to a size of 40µm, or less than half the width of a human hair. On the newer direct injection motors the injector nozzles are very small ranging in size from 100-150µm, and this filter easily removes the particles that could damage the injectors. The filter in our kit is also serviceable and can be cleaned and a new filter can be installed into it.

The kit comes in all black for a stock appearance or can also be ordered with blue and red fittings and stainless fuel line for a little more performance look.

A GM fuel line disconnect tool is required for installation and can also be obtained easily from most parts stores for around $10 (Advance Auto parts, NAPA, AutoZone, etc.)

If you have any other questions or comments please email us at sales@ddmworks.com.

  • FITS: 2.0L 2007+ Solstice GXP , Sky Redline, Opel GT

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GM Fuel Line Disconnect tool
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