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K&N High-Flow Panel Air Filter for 2.0L Solstice and Sky
A simple way to add some power to the car, just drop into the stock filter housing. We carry filters for the 2.4L and the 2.0 turbo motor, just pick your engine and we will get the right filter out to you.
2.0L Cold Air Intake by DDMWorks for Solstice/Sky/Opel GT
Cold air intake for the 2.0L Solstice GXP and Sky Redline by DDMWorks
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LNF Power Pak by DDMWorks
Includes DDMWorks LNF Cold Air intake, DDMWorks Charge tubes, and Trifecta Remote Tune
Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
Built Sosltice / Sky 2.0L LNF Engine by DDMWorks
Solstice/Sky Fender Well Trim Kit by DDMWorks
Our Fender well trim kit uses a weather resistant edge grip with foam rubber closed-cell bulb. The gripping portion has individual aluminum clips which provides a permanent and secure grip, keeping dirt and grime from your engine bay. Once installed, it is completely hidden under the hood!Installation time of the trim kit varies, but can beusually be installed in under 30 minutes.
DDMWorks Billet Oil Filter Remote
Ecotec Oil filter remote
DDMWorks Silicone intercooler coupler set Solstice / Sky
Silicone connectors sized perfectly to make the proper connections to intercooler, no need to modify or reuse your old ones!
Solstice GXP and Sky Redline Street Intercooler Upgrade
Designed and developed by DDMWorks, LNF Kappa Intercooler for the Pontiac Solstice GXP and Saturn Sky Redline. This massive intercooler usesa bar and plate core to help make an inercooler that is very efficient at cooling the air and with a low pressure loss across the intercooler.
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Coil Cover, Stainless Steel, by DDMWorks
The DDMWorks Coil Cover will fit both the 2.4 (LE5) and the turbo 2.0 (LNF) motors. This gives you a very attractive and functional piece to add once you remove the plastic engine cover. Whether you have removed your cover for our S/C kit or just to show off your engine a little better, the DDMWorks Coil Cover comes with Stainless steel hardware to attach directly to the Cam/Valve cover.This piece hides the valley between the intake and exhaust cams where the spark plugs and ignition coils set. It will cover up most of the unsightly wires and gives your engine top a very smooth look. Also, by removing the plastic factory engine cover with all the foam insulation, you'll let your engine heat escape better from the top of the head, by allowing airflow over the Cam/Valve cover.The DDMWorks Coil Cover comes standard with a Stainless Steel finish and Stainless Steel hardware,but can be upgraded to one of our in-house powdercoat colors for an additional fee.
Solstice GXP and Sky Redline Race Intercooler Upgrade
Working with own of the leaders in cooling technology we have developed the DDMWorks LNF Kappa Intercooler. This massive intercooler uses extruded core technology to help make an inercooler that is very efficient at cooling the air and with 16 tubes gives a low pressure loss across the intercooler.The extruded core technology on this intercooler also help to allow more air to pass through the intercooler than similar size intercoolers of the bar and plate design. Using computed aided design and CFM modeling shows that normal bar and plate designs can lose up to 1/3 of the area of the distance between the plates to air turbulence. The air comes in and hits the flat front of the intercooler and has to roll through the intercooler, creating a loss of surface contact, and a loss of cooling. The extruded core technology on our intercooler has a rounded front which helps to manage the air smoothly through the intercooler, allowing more cooling air to pass through the intercooler at similar pressures. The more cooling air that passes through the intercooler, the more heat that can be taken away from the intake charge, which makes the intercooler more efficient.Also unique to our intercooler is a proprietary fin design on the small folded fins found between the main tubes. This design creates small fins on the fins, creating more area for the incoming cool air to contact and take away heat. These fins are uniquely soldered to the main tubes with a high silver content solder to further aid in the heat transfer between the extruded tubes and the fins.All of this adds up to a great intercooler upgrade able to take the demands of all but the most extreme 750hp+ builds.installation can be done by most owners, as no special tools are required to change the intercooler. Some minor trimming is required for fitment, the DDMworks Intercooler bolts into stock location, using stock brackets.
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Solstice/Sky T-bolt Clamp, 2.0L by DDMWorks
On the car you will find that there is 6 worm drive hose clamps, these clamps have been known to leak at stock pressures, and at higher boost pressures can really be put to the test. We have put together a simple kit of the 6 hose clamps that you need to replace the worm drive clamps with the higher strength T-bolt clamps, giving you extra piece of mind when running higher boost.No special tools are required to swap the hose clamps and installation time varies with experience.
LNF Fuel Filter Kit by DDMWorks
Another DDMWorks exclusive is this complete, easily installed fuel filter kit for the 2.0L LNF engine. The kit is designed to provide an extra layer of protection for the fuel being fed to your engine.
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Solstice/Sky, 2.0L, LNF Charge Tubes by DDMWorks
OUT OF STOCK: expected to ship by July, week 1
Solstice/Sky Oil Catch Can by DDMWorks

We have encountered a problem with the boosted engines in the Solstice, Sky and Opel GT. Oil residue shows up in the intake tracts over time and this residue starts to work its way through the turbo, into the intake pipes and intercooler. As the oil coats the inside of the intercooler, performance starts to decrease. Also this residue can build up on the MAF sensor (2.4L) or the MAP sensor (2.0L). The factory did try to integrate a way to catch this oil in the 2.0L cars into the valve cover, but we still see the oil residue on even stock cars.

What we came up with to resolve this problem is a simple catch can made specifically for the cars, that bolts in using stock bolts. The box is packed internally with stainless steel mesh to help the oil collect, and with a huge capacity of almost 3/4 quart, you will not need to empty the can very often. The integrated sight glass on the catch can will let you know when it is getting full and the removalable drain plug allows simple draining.

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Solstice / Sky Silicone LNF Intake tube with breather by DDMWorks
DDMWorks silicone 2.0L LNF intake tube is for cars using the stock intake tube going from the turbo to the stock intake air box.

These 4 ply high quality silicone intake tubes have been custom formed for perfect fitment on the 2.0L LNF.

This is the last intake tube you will ever need. Unlike the stock intake tube, which cracks or breaks over time, this silicone intake tube will stay soft and never degrade. Since the silicone still flexes proper movement is maintained between the intake air box and the engine, unlike using a rigid metal tube

Silcone combo, blackSave $25 when you purchase the LNF Silicone combo!

Solstice/Sky LNF Silicone combo by DDMWorks

Made of high quality 4-ply silicone this trifecta of hoses is a great upgrade for the 2.0L LNf engine. Pick them all up a the same time and you even save some cash.

Throttle body elbow by DDMWorks

DDMWorks silicone 2.0L LNF throttle body elbow replaces the rubber connector that goes from the drivers side charge tube to the throttle body.

This replacement piece is made from 4 ply high quality silicone and has been custom formed for perfect fitment on the 2.0L LNF.

Silcone combo, blackSave $25 when you purchase the LNF Silicone combo!

or Save $20 on our Upper Raddiator hose at checkout

2.0L Ecotec High Flow Cat by Solo Performance
The free flow catalytic converter’s are tested and ready to go. As many of you know it’s been a long road to manufacturing this converter for the GXP that doesn’t trigger the engine light. After months of consulting with engineers, trial and error and countless frustration we are glad to announce that they are ready for sale. This is a full 3” stainless steel mandrel bent direct fit converter. We use a 5” long 200 cell stainless steel wound coil converter. These are a special internal design made especially for turbo’s and superchargers.

Solo Performance chose the substantially more expensive 5” converter (most manufacturers of this type of converter use a 3” to 3 ½ cat body) for a few reasons:
1. The more substance inside the better it cleans the exhaust gasses.
2. The 5” coil lasts longer than the 3” as there is more contact area for the gasses to hit.
3. The sound quality is much better. It’s a softer, less harsh, exhaust note with the 5”coil.
4. This particular manufacturer makes this unit to last. Each individual coil is tack welded.

• 15 HP increase, 8 extra foot pounds of torque increase.

Sky Redline Mach Shorty Exhaust by Solo Performance
The Redline Mach Shorty exhaust kit is Solo's mid-range sound exhaust kit for the Saturn Redline.
Redline Street Race Exhaust by Solo Performance
The Redline Race exhaust kit was developed for the Auto Cross and other race enthusiasts.
Sky Redline Mach Exhaust by Solo Performance
The Redline Mach exhaust kit is Solo’s quietest Redline exhaust kit.
Valve Cover Powder Coating Service
We carefully prepare each piece for the powder coating process. We remove the old paint and finish right down to bare metal. Special care is taken with valve covers to ensure that no abrasives contaminate the inner workings of the components. We carefully prepare the items by masking areas that do not need coating. Our powder coating professional's apply an even coat of powder to ensure good coverage without drips. Once the piece is powder coated we inspect the items to make sure that they look their best. Once they are inspected they are protected until time for delivery.
Solstice/Sky Wiseco Forged Piston Kit, 2.0L
The skirt shape (barrel/cam) is one of the most functional areas on the piston, and provides stability and smooth operation in the cylinder bore. Stability is important for proper ring seal, reduced friction, and quiet operation. Each skirt shape is designed for a specific running clearance, based on coefficient of thermal expansion of the piston alloy. Some forging alloys expand more than casting alloys, but each Wiseco piston is designed with the proper installed clearance to produce the most power, least wear, and best seal at running temperature, for each application. Comparing installed clearances on cast vs forged parts is not indicative of the running clearance at temperature. Wiseco engineers have a strong background in all forms of racing applications, and produce the best shapes and designs in the industry.
  • Bore size notes - Stock bores can wear slightly over time which can result in too much piston to cylinder wall clearance. At our shop we prefer to use .5mm larger pistons which require a slight overbore on the sleeves but bore the cylinders to match the pistons exactly and keep the piston to wall clearance in the specified range.
  • Compression ratio notes - Lower compression rates are available through custom order, however lower compression ratios are not needed for most builds.
  • GM OEM Waterpump for 2.0L, 2.4L Ecotec
    GM OEM factory water pump for 2.0L LNF and 2.4L LE5 Ecotec engines
    GM OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    Exhaust manifold gasket for 2.0L and 2.4L
    Trifecta Performance Tune, 2.0L Solstice/Sky
    Performance tune for the 2.0L Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky by Trifecta Performance
    GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids
    GM OEM Variable Cam Actuator Solenoids 2.0L LNF and 2.4L LE5 Ecotec engines
    Solstice/Sky 2.0L, H-Beam Carrillo Connecting Rods
    Carrillo Connecting Rods, 2.0L
    Oxygen Sensor Extender
    Oxygen Sensor Extender
    Trifecta EZ Flash cable
    K04 Turbo Bypass Block Off Plate by DDMWorks
    If you are adding an external blow off valve to your turbo, this is a must have item.
    ARP Ecotec Cylinder head stud kit
    Super strong way to hold your engine together for high horsepwoer engines
    GM OEM Ecotec Thermostat
    Genuine GM thermostat used in all engine builds here OEM
    GM Timing Chain Tensioner Guide
    Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide
    GM Timing Chain Guide
    Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide
    GM Upper Timing Chain Guide
    Genuine GM timing chain tensioner guide between cam gears
    GM Timing Chain
    Genuine GM timing chain
    GM Cylinder Head Gasket 2.0L Ecotec
    Genuine GM cylinder head gasket 2.0L Ecotec
    Dayco Power Steering belt - Ecotec
    Dayco Power Steering belt - Ecotec
    Dayco Alternator / Air conditioning belt
    Dayco Alternator / Air conditioning belt