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DDMWorks Short Throw Shifter
The DDMWorks short throw shifter makes the shifts more direct and reduces the throw of the shifter from 4" for stock to an amazing 2.6"!
2.4L Performance Clutch by DDMWorks
When we started to push the supercharged cars we ran into the problem of the stock clutch slipping. The stock clutch holds well, but once you start seeing over 250 ft/lbs of torque it starts to reach its limit. We tested several different clutches and being unsatisfied, decided to sit down and design our very own from scratch. We worked with one of the leading race clutch makers right here in the states to design a clutch/flywheel setup that would hold up to the power, but not make annoying resonance like some of the other setups we tested. We were quite pleased with what we ended up with. The clutch is a unique design compared to other setups on the market with a flat flywheel and the pressure plate coming down to meet it, instead of the deep flywheel with a thin pressure plate found on the stock setup. Using this thin flywheel is the reason we were able to drop so much weight from the stock setup, and yet keep a slightly firmer pedal than stock. The combination is made up of a custom made DDMworks aluminum flywheel, pressure plate and clutch disc. This setup has a slightly firmer pedal than stock, but nowhere near as firm as the exedy or Spec clutch setups.These clutches do require special tools and knowledge to install and is not something most homeowners can install. Please consider professional installation on this clutch.
Slingshot Transmission Close Out Panel
Slingshot Transmission Block off Plate
DDMWorks Shift Knob Adapter for Polaris Slingshot
Our adapter is a unique 2 piece design that has a single billet piece of stainless steel for the shaft and a secondary aluminum trim piece for a nice clean look installed.
Stainless Steel Shift Knob by DDMWorks
Stainless steel shift knob with common M10 x 1.25 thread pattern to fit many vehicles.
DDMWorks Steering Wheel Adapter for Polaris Slingshot
Polaris Slingshot Steering Wheel Adapter by DDMWorks
DDMWorks Aluminum Shift Knob for Polaris Slingshot
Aluminum Shift Knob for Polaris Slingshot by DDMWorks