DDMWorks Brace Bundle for Solstice / Sky

DDMWorks Brace Bundle for Solstice / Sky
Probeam, Venom Brace (Your choice of Red of Black), Backbone (Your choice of level)

DDMWorks Brace Bundle for Solstice / Sky


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Venom Brace Color
Installing Venom Brace on 2.4L with Stock intake
Backbone type
Probeam Included
Depending on options, usually ships SAME DAY!
Part Number:DDM-18-6


DDMWorks original Product!
We are not exaggerating when we tell you, if  you do anything to your car, THIS IS IT!  Alone, these pieces are amazing, but combined the effect on the drivability of your car is simply spectacular.  

DDMWorks Backbone, transmission brace

- Backbone, Transmission brace
- stiffens up short section height "U" channel and making the chassis stiffer
- allows suspension to work better and not twist as much
- 30% improvement over stock

 (click here to see install instructions learn more...

DDMWorks Probeam, rear suspension brace

- Probeam, Rear suspension brace  
- gives a more solid platform for the suspension, greatly improving the ride quality

DDMWorks Front Chassis brace
- LVFCB "Venom"  Front Chassis brace 
- Simple but very effective, front chassis brace.

5 Stars
I ordered the bundle with the 3/8" plate. Shipping was fast and installation was well detailed. The venom brace presented the most difficult install due to the limited space in front of the engine. All parts installed successfully, and what a difference in my car. The changes were immediately noticed with firmer handling, better ride quality, and responsive cornering. Thank you for putting together such a great package. GM - Take Note !!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 3/21/2016
5 Stars
Installed this Brace Bundle on my 2006 Solstice. I did upgrade to the Performance Backbone Brace. Installed all 3 components the same day. Had the biggest issue with getting Backbone installed as had to remove exhaust as brace was just to thick to slide in. Probeam and Venom brace when on without any issues by following the instruction provided. Took it for a spin afterwards and all I can say is WOW!! It feels like a different car and handles 100% better. I have did some Autocross racing with the stock setup and can't wait to try another to see how much better it STICKS to the ground. Well worth the price. Thanks DDMWorks!!
Reviewed by:  from Indianola, IA. on 12/10/2014
5 Stars
Solstice suspension PKG
I was very impressed with the entire suspension pkg. The Pro Beam being the more time consuming part of the install. ( only because I took my time) But , I feel it made the largest improvement . Very noticeable when jacking the car up to remove the jack stands. DDM did not exaggerate on its overall improvement of removing the body flex. I did install all three pieces in one setting, so the improvements were immediately noticed. I not only recommend the package, but feel it should have been factory standard from Pontiac engineering.
Reviewed by:  from Auburn Ca.. on 3/4/2014
5 Stars
Great way to stiffen up the chassis
I installed the whole package in my driveway on jackstands. Both parts install pretty easily. The instructions said about 30 mins for each but I think the Probeam took a bit longer with the installation, removal, drilling, reinstall process. All pieces came packaged very carefully. The LVFCB is a beautiful piece of hardware with the DDMWorks logo on it. The Probeam is also very nice, but had a couple of paint chips. The backbone had a couple of small paint blemishes and the paint comes off very easily under the bolts, but its hidden under the car anyway. All three noticeably stiffened the entire chassis and my car now 3 wheels getting into the driveway. Turn in is also noticeably improved. Overall very pleased with the product and its performance. Well worth the money and install time for any Solstice or Sky!
Reviewed by:  from Bay Area, CA. on 1/21/2014

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